Goal of Bay Street Performers

Our goal is to increase awareness and fundraising initiatives to the arts and donate the proceeds of our shows to youth at risk programs in our city and abroad.

Vision of Bay Street Performers

We’re a group of passionate individuals that are committed to bridging the gap between the corporate and arts world. This is being achieved by providing a platform for Bay Street employees to get the opportunity to work with various artists and get up on stage. At the same time, they will be giving back to their community. The cast is full of a wide array of people that work on Bay Street, along with the writer and the stage manager.

Message From Founder

jessie_behanI started the Bay Street Performers not only because I’ve had a life long love affair with acting, but because I’ve been looking for a new way to engage with my existing clients, prospects, and others in the industry that involves tapping into our creative sides. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a golfer and I love the odd Leaf game, but I was looking for something other than the norm. In the early stages of this idea, brewing a year and a half ago, I was blown away at how receptive everyone was and how many people in the corporate world have a unique talent that hadn’t been revealed, and in this group’s case, it was performing. As a result, the Bay Street Performers was born and I’m extremely happy to announce that this October 8th, Bay Street professionals will be giving back on stage!

– Jessie Behan